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Erikson’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey | January Transformation Series

January 2, 2018

During the month of January this year, we’re excited to share 4 fantastic member transformation stories! We love having these inspiring people walking around our Club and encourage you to share your own stories with us!  Meet Erikson, who works for Professional Physical Therapy and is doing an AMAZING job crushing his weight loss goals!  We love his positive energy and commitment to creating a healthy lifestyle.



Q: What was your transformation?

A: Thanks to trainer Andrew Krasovsky, I was able to go from a size 44/46 waist down to a size 34/36 along with dropping from XXL/XXXL shirts to Mediums now. Overall from when I started from July to now I have seen a loss of approximately 75 lbs (280 lbs to 205 lbs).


Q: What inspired you to make a change?
A: A big reason for the change was that I began getting health risks that were slowly coming because of the sheer amount of weight I had and I knew a change was necessary. More so as an aspiring physical therapist I would like to lead by example by first taking care of myself to later help others.


Q: Who did you work out with?
A: I had the opportunity to work out with Andrew Krasovsky. Had it not been for Andrew I know for a fact I would be worse than how I was originally.


Q: How did the Chatham Club help you achieve your goal?
A: The Chatham Club helped me achieve my goal by first providing me with an excellent facility to exercise in with the proper equipment to aid the process as well as providing me with the motivation to continue on the path I had chose.  I had tried everything to lose weight and nothing was working I was actually gaining more but after being given a proper nutrition plan and workout schedule I’ve been able to see fruits of my work.


Q: Your goals for 2018?
A: My goals for 2018 include dropping about another 20-30 lbs and hopefully competing in a bodybuilding competition in the later part of the year.



Thanks for sharing your story, Erikson! We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for you!

To start your weight loss journey with the Chatham Club, email Kirk DeLaney at kirkland@chathamclub.com or check out our Membership Services page!


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