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What IS Vinyasa Yoga?

October 27, 2017

Vinyasa Yoga is a broad term when it comes to “type” or “kind” of yoga.  Briefly, Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of moving the body through postures or  “asanas” in connection with the breath while having an impact on the body, mind and perhaps spirit. It emphasizes breathing with movement and often but not always each movement is coordinated with a breath. However sometimes a posture is held but NEVER the breath.  This in turn, leads to the mindfulness aspect because if you are concentrating on the movement or posture along with the breath it quiets the brain. In addition, proper alignment and movement is very important so often modifications (or other ways of doing the movement/posture) and the use of props (blocks and straps) are suggested.


The depth of yoga is endless and it is my hope and intention that each person in my class is comfortable and leaves more in tune with the mind/body connection. AND a little stronger and more flexible while feeling peaceful and good about themselves in their body and mind! And perhaps bringing this into their everyday lives.



–Marcy Kearney

Click here to view the yoga class schedule at the Chatham Club.  For membership information, contact Kirk – kirkland@chathamclub.com.

Marcy Kearney is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor at The Chatham Club.
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