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“When I joined the Chatham Club only a couple of months ago, I had no idea what I was in for. My only expectation was that I would exercise on my own a few times a week. You asked me if I had a personal trainer in mind for my orientation; if I preferred a man or a woman. At that time I had no experience with personal training whatsoever, so I was in your hands. You encouraged me to try working with Eric Goletz. I do not know exactly why you chose Eric, but I think you “hit the nail on the head”. When I first met Eric, he was certainly very nice, but I was skeptical. I did not understand what personal trainers offered and I had doubts that any personal trainer would happily work with the over 65 crowd. I was very wrong.”

“Today I performed a balancing exercise so much better than I had two months ago that I think both Eric and I were stunned at my progress. I had no idea that the world of knowledge Eric possesses about how exercise effects the human body even existed. I didn’t even know there is a right and a wrong way to exercise. And the wonderful part is that Eric loves to teach. Every exercise, every movement is explained; why we’re doing it and what the effect is. Amazing! Thank you for leading me to him. I am very grateful.” M.H.

New MemberAugust 2013

Hi Dennis – I keep thinking about my first class today with you. It was awesome! I am pleased I got my feet wet by doing some of the exercises during our PT [personal training].

I think this class [Intensity Training] is so valuable in many ways, 3 ways keep coming to my mind and mean a lot to me –

1. Healthy bones! Near and dear to my heart. From what I have read, not only is weight based training very important for strong bones, but so is exercise that involves jumping, like ropes or squat thrusts. Your class has plenty of that type of exercise.

2. Agility. When you first introduced me to a few of the exercises during PT, my coordination seemed off, I felt clumsy. When I was driving home, I thought so when did I get so clumsy? Then I tried to think of the last time I had done exercises like the ones done in your class – although I’ve done jump rope and squat thrusts it’s been a while not to mention all the other exercise you do in the class that I’ve never done. But I already can see the difference in agility from those first few exercises during PT until today’s first class. I feel my coordination is improving. It is so important to me to be agile and this class focuses on it.

3. Stamina. OK so I was gasping for air a couple of times, but as I rested, if only for a few moments :), I thought to myself, I will continue to build my endurance. It was an accomplishment to get through the class and as time goes on, I will be even stronger and faster. This type of stamina, which is different from weight based training, will contribute greatly to my overall health.

Thank you for offering such a unique class that has these tremendous benefits. You make people feel comfortable like you always do and yet you keep us striving for more. It is gratifying to feel a sense of accomplishment and I look forward to increasing my agility and building my stamina. It is a journey well worth it.


Mary DonelikMember since 2002

To Dennis Stacknick – Co-Fitness Director

I know we talked a bit last week. I have to tell you this: this weekend at the squash tournament Kim took herself to the next level of her fitness. To a level that showed she is more confident in her fitness and strength. Achieving what we were hoping the “Fit & Fab(lous)” program would provide for her. She can tell you about her last 2 matches that proved to her, her new level of fitness. It was very exciting to watch and we wanted to say Thank You to you and Christina for helping Kim achieve this.


Evelyn KrayacichMember since 2002

It is with real sadness that I must terminate my membership at The Chatham Club due to an impending job move to West Chester, PA.

I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know the following:

1. You run a TERRIFIC club that feels like family. You go out of your way to communicate with members and find any way possible to remain open despite fires, storms, loss of power, loss of washing machines ( J ), etc. You don’t find that in most places.

2. You have a very clean facility. Jorge does a masterful job of keeping the club clean. He is a good find for the club.

3. Your club filled a niche where all age groups could co-exist while working out so that I never felt “out of place” It’s nice not to have “muscle heads” leaving 45 lb. plates on equipment and then walking away.

4. The staff is very friendly and open.

5. You have regular membership appreciation parties, which are fun to go to.

I could go on; but, you get the picture. You’re a gem in this area.

Thank you for everything you have done and God Bless you all.


Len Resto

Len RestoMember since 2005

I have been a member of The Chatham Club for 25 years this fall. Having joined 6 weeks after giving birth to my daughter, I’m in better shape now than I was 25 years ago. I am not a ‘machine’ person, and the Club always keeps up with the latest classes, gets the best teachers, and offers a great variety, so that on any day there are multiple options to choose from. The facility is clean, and the locker room feels like a spa. It (the Club) has that small comfortable feeling. It’s great place to work out.

Casey BeneduceMember since 1986

A special note for a special ‘guy’ on your staff! I completed a 6-week session of (personal) training with Andrew and felt I needed you to know that he is such an asset to your staff. So professional, so encouraging and supportive. He is passionate about being fit. I thoroughly enjoy Andrew as a trainer! I’ve only been a member of The Chatham Club for 3 years, but I enjoy it very much. No wonder why with people like Andrew working there.

Joan WeckenmanMember since 2009

Every other gym is ruined for me because none can keep up with this place (The Chatham Club). I’ve been a member here three separate times in my travails in and out of living in this area, and every time they seem to have something new for the members. They have a huge assortment of treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and machines and separate spinning studio also. Pretty much everything you could need is here and then some.

Brian V.Member since 2008

I hope this finds you well. I still love every single thing about The Chatham Club. Thank you, Diane, to you, to Andrew, Brian, Darren, Chris, the front desk staff and everyone who has made this the usual outstanding experience. Eventually my life will resettle, perhaps I will relocate back to Chatham again and being a club member will be possible once more.

Jana Karam(relocated)

I have two children who have participated in the Mitchell Squash program over the last 12 years. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of instruction provided by the entire staff. Due to the training they received, both of my children competed in national tournaments and were ranked for many years and had the opportunity to play college squash.

Aside from the quality of the technical instruction, I feel very strongly that the association, on a personal level with Geoff Mitchell and all of his staff, was very valuable in developing personal traits of sportsmanship, work ethic, and the concept that sports should be played for enjoyment. I do not believe there is another program in the area which has produced as many ranked junior players or which can offer all the benefits that Mitchell Squash does.

Roger M. Kriete, D.M.D.

Chatham Club is a first class personal fitness facility. Among many strengths which make this club unique, including aggressive cleanliness and serenity, Mary and I are most impressed by the range of approaches to fitness, available, encouraged, and practiced by membership, in pursuit of health and recreation. It’s all very peaceful and personal. Even the TV’s are set up to encourage personal choice. You won’t be forced to watch Fox, MSNBC, or CNN, because many machines have their own TV. Watch what you want or don’t. We’ve belonged for going on two decades.

Allen MatlinsMember since 1994

Squash Program Testimonials

Squash Program Testimonials