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Emily’s Spin Playlist – (9am on Saturdays)

December 2, 2017

Looking to refresh your workout playlist? We asked one of our spin instructors, Emily to give us her #ultimate spin playlist! Read on to see why Emily loves these songs and subscribe to the playlist by clicking the play button above. Break a sweat with Emily on Saturday mornings at 9am.

1) Long Train Runnin’ – Doobie Brothers

2) Turn All the Lights On (feat. Ne-Yo) – T-Pain
“One of my favorite songs to get you up and out of the saddle!”

3) Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

4) Say It Right – Nelly Furtado
“This song has the perfect beat for a heavy, standing climb (in third)!”

5) Hey Brother – Avicii

6) The Anthem (feat. Lil Jon) – Pitbull

7) Plowed – Sponge

8) Dig In – Lenny Kravitz

9) He Like That – Fifth Harmony
“An awesome song for a weight segment. The movements are slow to match the beat so you definitely feel it.”

10) Till the World Ends – Britney Spears

11) Shake It Out – Florence + The Machine
“I love to play this towards the end of a class, as a seated climb with a burst out to (position) three at the end. The beauty of this song always voice gives me goosebumps!”

12) The Cave – Mumford & Sons
A beautiful, intense song to end with. You pick up your RPMs along with the beats, and end with an all-out push. Dramatic and exhilarating!

Cool Down) Porcelain – Moby

A Peek Inside The Professional Squash World

October 27, 2017

I began my professional squash career in 2010 traveling around Australia. At the time I was representing Australia and I was training in Brisbane whilst competing on the Australia Tour. At the end of 2012 I decided to represent my father’s country Guyana. My decision to represent Guyana stems from the relationship I have with my dad. My dad introduced me to squash and has supported me from the very beginning. In 2015, I reached my highest ranking of 122. It was quite a journey competing on the professional tour for seven years.



The tour is very demanding mentally, physically and also emotionally. Becoming a professional squash player was an opportunity to travel whilst pursuing my passion. Although squash is demanding physically, it requires skill and adaptability. If I were to compare myself to the top 10 I would say they are faster at reading the next shot, so quickly that it literally allows me no time to catch my breath. Playing those guys are virtually in another world. I must admit that my best results have come when the temperature is above 90 degrees. The rallies are insanely long because the ball bounces a lot more. So I do love to play in the Caribbean!



Recently I have backed away from competing professionally and focusing more on my health and future. I look forward to playing for my country with my next major event being the Commonwealth Games back in the place where it all began, Australia.


–Sunny Seth, Assistant Pro

To work with Sunny, email him at sunny@mitchellsquash.com or, for membership information, contact Kirk at kirkland@chathamclub.com.

Sunny Seth is a Guyanese squash professional, currently ranked 133 in the world. He was based in Perth, Australia, before moving to the U.S.  Sunny joined our teaching staff on January 5th while continuing to compete on the PSA squash tour. He represented Guyana in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and recently led the Guyanese men’s team to qualify for the 2015 Pan American Games.  Sunny hopes to share his experience as a world-class athlete with our Chatham Club squash players.

What IS Vinyasa Yoga?

October 27, 2017

Vinyasa Yoga is a broad term when it comes to “type” or “kind” of yoga.  Briefly, Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of moving the body through postures or  “asanas” in connection with the breath while having an impact on the body, mind and perhaps spirit. It emphasizes breathing with movement and often but not always each movement is coordinated with a breath. However sometimes a posture is held but NEVER the breath.  This in turn, leads to the mindfulness aspect because if you are concentrating on the movement or posture along with the breath it quiets the brain. In addition, proper alignment and movement is very important so often modifications (or other ways of doing the movement/posture) and the use of props (blocks and straps) are suggested.


The depth of yoga is endless and it is my hope and intention that each person in my class is comfortable and leaves more in tune with the mind/body connection. AND a little stronger and more flexible while feeling peaceful and good about themselves in their body and mind! And perhaps bringing this into their everyday lives.



–Marcy Kearney

Click here to view the yoga class schedule at the Chatham Club.  For membership information, contact Kirk – kirkland@chathamclub.com.

Marcy Kearney is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor at The Chatham Club.

What Inspired You To Become A Bodybuilder?

October 27, 2017

A few things really inspired bodybuilding for me. As a kid I loved to sketch. My first drawings were of marvel comic characters. I spent many years drawing them, it was my first real outlet. Needless to say I spent a lot of time seeing and visualizing characters that had very muscular bodies. That put the initial idea of what I wanted to look like in my mind.



I’d say the next and biggest influence was my mother. She ran a strict household so discipline was always part of my upbringing. But I enjoyed it. She was the first one to put into my mind the concept of climbing a ladder. She taught me at a young age that putting my effort and patience into something I wanted would eventually yield some good results in life. She also taught me how to move forward when obstacles occurred and to expect them regularly.



My third and final influence was science. Part of climbing that ladder was problem solving. I never minded being patient and doing my work growing up as long as I knew I was on the path and would eventually find answers. To be a bodybuilder you have to be a problem solver. The human body will change when you change. I was bored when I felt I was stuck or just doing something for the sake of doing it. I never enjoyed that feeling. With bodybuilding I experienced that feeling a lot, but I wasn’t satisfied with accepting that my body was stuck where it is. It forced me to rethink my strategies (workouts and diets) and look for answers. I found many of them which gave me a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Ultimately I wasn’t bored anymore I was excited and motivated. I still work on bodybuilding and improving to this day and will continue to throughout my competitive career. For me that was the take home message my mother showed me. Be patient, climb a ladder, and see how good it feels to earn what you have with integrity and hard work.


–Andrew Krasovsky, B.S., ACE, NSCA

To work with Andrew on identifying and designing an individual exercise program, e-mail him directly at andrew@chathamclub.com. For membership information, contact Kirk – kirkland@chathamclub.com.


Andrew graduated from Kean University with a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Exercise Science. He is certified as a Personal Trainer by both NSCA and by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Andrew is also certified to teach Power Plate, Kinesis and TRX Suspension training. Since joining our staff in 2008, he has developed an ongoing “Muscle Shock” body-sculpting class. Andrew specializes in Fitness Sculpting, Natural Bodybuilding and Nutrition. He placed 2ndin the Novice Lightweight Division and 3rd in the Open Lightweight Division of the 2013 NJ Bodybuilding Championship.

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