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Mary Donelik

March 7, 2013

Hi Dennis – I keep thinking about my first class today with you. It was awesome! I am pleased I got my feet wet by doing some of the exercises during our PT [personal training].

I think this class [Intensity Training] is so valuable in many ways, 3 ways keep coming to my mind and mean a lot to me –

1. Healthy bones! Near and dear to my heart. From what I have read, not only is weight based training very important for strong bones, but so is exercise that involves jumping, like ropes or squat thrusts. Your class has plenty of that type of exercise.

2. Agility. When you first introduced me to a few of the exercises during PT, my coordination seemed off, I felt clumsy. When I was driving home, I thought so when did I get so clumsy? Then I tried to think of the last time I had done exercises like the ones done in your class – although I’ve done jump rope and squat thrusts it’s been a while not to mention all the other exercise you do in the class that I’ve never done. But I already can see the difference in agility from those first few exercises during PT until today’s first class. I feel my coordination is improving. It is so important to me to be agile and this class focuses on it.

3. Stamina. OK so I was gasping for air a couple of times, but as I rested, if only for a few moments :), I thought to myself, I will continue to build my endurance. It was an accomplishment to get through the class and as time goes on, I will be even stronger and faster. This type of stamina, which is different from weight based training, will contribute greatly to my overall health.

Thank you for offering such a unique class that has these tremendous benefits. You make people feel comfortable like you always do and yet you keep us striving for more. It is gratifying to feel a sense of accomplishment and I look forward to increasing my agility and building my stamina. It is a journey well worth it.


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