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Presidential Workouts

February 5, 2018

In honor of President’s Day, we thought we’d take a minute to highlight some fun facts about past Presidential workout regimens!



President Thomas Jefferson understood the importance of exercise and is quoted saying, “leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading,” – we agree!


President Herbert Hoover‘s White House physician (Vice Admiral Joel T. Boone) invented a workout game called “Hooverball” – the workout consisted of heaving a very heavy medicine ball over a net.  Many workout fiends continue to use this as a form of exercise today!



President Harry Truman created the White House bowling alley – his preferred form of exercise!



President Ronald Reagan was well-versed in health and exercise and he understood the important of having a evenly dispersed routine.  He is quoted saying, “I have two different sets of exercises I do on alternate days…Most people don’t realize it, but you overdevelop a set of muscles at the expense of other muscles and thus reduce flexibility, so it’s important that the routine you develop be well-rounded.  All your muscles – not just a few- need exercise.” Our trainers would agree!


President George W. Bush is widely known as an avid biker! He hosts an annual bike ride/race in honor of injured veterans and frequently rides for charity.  Many of our members along with our own Janet DeBiase love to do this- it’s a great way to get exercise and support an important cause!



President Barack Obama enjoyed playing basketball during his presidency – oftentimes playing with celebrities like George Clooney! There is an online movement of people who want to see Obama play in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game – what do you think?



Do you have any interesting #Presidential exercise facts? Let us know in the comments!

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