About Personal Training


The Chatham Club has a staff of Certified Personal Trainers who can help identify your exercise goals and design an individual exercise program to meet those goals.

Our one-on-one personal training program offers single session options to change-up a stale workout or multiple sessions for continued guidance and motivation. You will find the Chatham Club personal training staff ready to assist in any way, from the gentle prod to a strong challenging workout. Beginners will learn proper exercise techniques for a safe and effective workout. Regular exercisers can benefit by a trainer’s suggestions of new approaches or strategies to maximize their performance. We won’t let you down.

Benefits of Personal Training

      • Adds variety to your workout
      • Provides and ensures safety through proper technique
      • Helps keep you motivated to stay on track
      • Increases lean body mass for a faster acting metabolism
      • Enhances bone density to prevent osteoporosis
      • Improves self-esteem and confidence through goal attainment
      • Supplies energy through strength training
      • Provides sports specific
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