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John’s Recovery Process | January Transformation Series

January 16, 2018

During the month of January this year, we’ve been sharing some fantastic member transformation stories! We love having these inspiring people walking around our Club and encourage you to share your own stories with us!  Meet John who is working incredibly hard to meet his recovery goals!  We are blown away by his daily determination and effort.  After you read his interview, see John’s progress for yourself by watching the video at the bottom.



1) What was your transformation?

I joined the Chatham Club several years ago to work out and be physically fit. After I had a stroke in 2015 and had a long period of limited mobility, I wanted to reach the level of strength and fitness that I had before.


2) What was the hardest thing about your recovery?

The hardest thing about my recovery has been regaining full use of the fingers of my left hand.


3) Who do you work out with?

I work out with Frank Azarelo most of the time. He has been invaluable in helping me to increase my overall fitness and improve my hand function, but still manages to make the sessions fun. When Frank is not available, he has arranged for me to work with Will Weber and Brandon Olshvang.


4) How did the Chatham Club help you achieve your goal?

At the Chatham Club, I have been able to make use of the wide variety of equipment available. The personal trainers have been particularly important in managing my use of the equipment to make sure I do enough to improve my strength but not too much to risk injury. Everyone has been friendly and supportive, which I appreciate.


5) What are your goals for 2018?

Over the past 6 months I have gained interest in the Stairmill. I noticed that when my daughter comes here to train, she usually likes exercising on the Stairmill. My daughter inspired me to try it out. When I started with Frank, I initially could only do about 1 minute. Since then, I have progressed to 4 minutes. My primary goals this year are to surpass 5 minutes on the Stairmill while continuing to work on precise motor skills in my left hand and fingers.



We appreciate you taking the time to share your story, John! We can’t wait to watch you crush your 2018 goals!  To learn more how to begin your recovery or rehabilitation process with the Chatham Club, email Kirk DeLaney at kirkland@chathamclub.com or check out our Membership Services page!

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