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Why You Should End Your Day with Yoga

February 5, 2018


We asked our resident yogi, Bernadette why ending your day with yoga can be beneficial – she gave us her answer below!


Many people enjoy carving out an activity to help release and let go of their day. Practicing yoga is a way to transition from a work day to the quieter, home-centered activities of evening. It gives you a chance to connect with yourself.

Morning yoga practices help awaken and energize the body and mind. Evening sequences are intended to quiet and restore the body and mind from activities of the day. When this is effective, you will have enough energy for your evening while also being calm and relaxed, able to sleep well through the night.

A sequence that focuses on supported inversions and restorative poses is the best way to do this. Poses (or asanas) like supported shoulder-stand, or bridge pose or my favorite legs-up-the-wall pose are excellent. Always finish your evening yoga sequence with a 3-5 minute savasana (corpse pose). You can feel the calming effects after one class.



Bernadette is currently teaching Yoga For All on Monday nights at 7pm in Studio C.  To take advantage of all of our yoga classes, reach out to Kirk at kirkland@chathamclub.com for Membership information!

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