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Alexa’s Dance Goals | January Transformation Series

January 29, 2018

During the month of January this year, we’ve been sharing some fantastic member transformation stories! We love having these inspiring people walking around our Club and encourage you to share your own stories with us!  Meet Alexa, a dancer who continues to push herself to the next level each and every day.  We’re so impressed by her progression and her opportunity to become an aerialist! Check out her amazing adventures below.



Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I am a dancer for Royal Caribbean Productions. Recently In addition to my dancing, I have been given the opportunity to be an aerialist on my next contract. I have been working for the company since September 2013, and I’m leaving for my 6th contract at the end of February.


Q: How does The Chatham Club help you stay in shape when you’re ‘on land’?

A: I am a huge fitness freak, and I absolutely love working out when I’m on the ship as well as on land. At The Chatham Club, there is a huge variety of things to do, which is what I love about the space so much. They have every machine you could think of, as well as a huge variety of classes to participate in.



Q: What exercises do you do, specifically for dance?

A: For the past year or so, I’ve mostly been doing weight training, which I’ve really grown to love. As a dancer, I need to make sure my body is in top shape to be able to perform my job to the best of my abilities and to avoid any injuries. When I go to The Chatham Club, I usually start with about 10 minutes of cardio to warm up, either on the treadmill, row machine, or stair master. Then my main workouts consist of weight training and HIIT sessions. I usually break up my week into specific days. For example, one week I might do a leg workout on Monday, back workout on Tuesday, HIIT workout on Wednesday, another leg workout on Thursday, upper body (shoulders, biceps and triceps) on Friday, and then either another HIIT session or full body on Saturday. I usually workout six days a week, and then I will have one rest day. Weight training has really helped me feel very strong in myself. I also believe it makes me a solid partner because I am able to support myself and not solely rely on my partner. Because my job is heavily based on my appearance and how I look, I make sure to take care of myself as best I can. When I’m on in between contracts, The Chatham Club really helps me to keep in shape and keep my fitness at its highest level.



Q: How long have you been interested in dance?

A: I have been dancing since I was three years old, so I’ve been dancing for about 23 years now. I knew in 8th grade that I wanted to work for Royal Caribbean, since that was the year I went on my first cruise and was able to see the shows. I worked extremely hard throughout middle school and high school to learn as much as I could as a dancer because I knew it was what I wanted to pursue. I went to Point Park University and majored in dance. I auditioned five times for Royal Caribbean during my senior year. I graduated in 2013, and a few months after graduation, I started my first contract as a Production Cast Member with Royal Caribbean.



Q: What are your goals for 2018 in dance as well as your strength/conditioning?

A: In 2018, I will be heading out on my 6th contract with the company. I absolutely love working for Royal Caribbean. I’m being paid to do what I love and to travel the world, and I don’t think it gets much better than that. As far as my fitness goals, I want to continue with weight training, which will help me to get stronger. I always am looking to build muscle. I’ve never had the desire to just be skinny; I always want to be strong. Being physically strong helps to keep you strong mentally, and I think it builds confidence. I was always nervous about going into the weight room at a gym and being judged, but now I walk in there knowing what I’m doing and knowing that I can “keep up with the guys.” 2018, and every year, is my year to continue to grow.



We appreciate you taking the time to share your story, Alexa! We can’t wait to see what’s next!  Inspired? Get fit with The Chatham Club by emailing Kirk DeLaney at kirkland@chathamclub.com or check out our Membership Services page!

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