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4 Exercises That Will Better Prepare You For College Hockey

February 15, 2018

Brett Perry – one of our fantastic Chatham Club trainers – is sharing his 4 favorite exercises that are specifically geared towards preparing for a season of ice hockey!  Brett played ice hockey for Springfield College all four years and was team captain his senior year…needless to say he is our resident expert when it comes to hockey!  Take a minute to read/watch below.  To work out with Brett one-on-one, you can email him: brettperry@chathamclub.com or ask for him at the Front Desk!


Exercise 1: Squat jump with 90 degree rotation

This exercise requires good force production in the initial jump, but also works multiple planes of movement and adds difficulty to the landing because of the rotational aspect.



Exercise 2: Lateral Bounds

Lateral bounds are basically lateral jumps going from one leg to the other. They’re great for single leg force production and working on single leg landing and deceleration. They also work many of the same muscles that go into a skating stride.



Exercise 3: Spider-Man pushups

This is an added twist to the classic pushup. As you descend during the pushup, you drive one knee to the elbow on the same side, and switch which leg has the knee drive each rep. This exercise involves a high amount of core control and puts added stress on the shoulders and chest compared to a regular pushup. It’s a great exercise for someone who doesn’t have any equipment on hand.



Exercise 4: Bulgarian (rear foot elevated) Split Squats

A great single leg strength exercise that requires good balance and stability. This exercise can be loaded in many different ways (dumbbells, barbell, weight vest) and is a great way to build lower body strength for all athletes.



Interested in becoming a member of The Chatham Club?  Contact Kirk at kirkland@chathamclub.com for more information!  To train with Brett, email him at  brettperry@chathamclub.com.


Brett Perry, B.S., NSCA  |  Brett earned his Bachelor of Applied Exercise Science degree from Springfield College in Massachusetts. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. While at Springfield College, Brett was a member of the Ice Hockey team for four years, and was team captain his senior year.
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